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Pletal (cilostazol) for Intermittent Claudication

I have been on this medication since July, and the results are simply amazing! I have my life back, not only did I get so much relief from the pain in my legs, I can now walk and walk and actually keep up with my very active grandkids (age 4, 11, 11, and 16) On a side note I have lost almost all my excess weight by tweaking my diet and just being able to be active again! This medicine has been a Godsend to me! Hope anyone who is suffering from this disease is able to get the same results I have, it is great to have my active life back!

General information

While this dose of cilostazol produced pharmacologic effects in monkeys, plasma cilostazol levels were less than those seen in humans given the MRHD, and those seen in dogs given doses associated with cardiovascular lesions.




  • Cilostazol is metabolized by the CYP2C19 hepatic isoenzyme and appears to have pharmacokinetic interactions with many medications that are potent inhibitors of CYP2C19.

Other Doses

100 mg, 50 mg
50 mg
100 mg


Infants born to mothers taking substantial corticosteroid doses during pregnancy should be monitored for signs of hypoadrenalism.
It can also be taken by children when prescribed by a doctor.
Then you could determine if it should be taken at different times than your other medications.
For gout, the usual dose is 750 mg for the first dose, and then 250 mg every 8 hours until the attack has passed.
The dosage may then be increased to 10 mg at bedtime, but there is no clear evidence that the higher dosage is more beneficial.


Often these medications have unwanted side effects that need to be monitored to make sure they are not interfering with functional outcomes.
The use of this medication in children below the age of 18 may cause behavioural and emotional changes, such as suicidal thoughts and behaviour.


  • When pregnancy is detected, discontinue Lotensin as soon as possible.
  • This infection can lead to problems in getting pregnant.
  • This product is used to prevent pregnancy.

During pregnancy, this medication should be used only when clearly needed.

Avoid driving or operating machinery until you know how methadone will affect you.149.42$
Other forms of Krabbe disease have late infantile, juvenile, Cilostal adult age of onset.37.19$
In this procedure, they will cut a small hole Cilostal your skull and use suction cure remove the hematoma.55$
Functional gene test: Look Cilostal for a specific protein which indicates not only that the corresponding gene is present but also that it is active.104.69$
Discard the pen after 28 days, even if there is still medication in the pen.197$

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Ward Pharmaceutical Corp, a subsidiary of Hikma, 50mg. While this dose of Cilostazol produced pharmacologic effects in monkeys, plasma Cilostazol levels were less Cilostal those seen in humans given the MRHD, and those seen in dogs given doses this medication with cardiovascular lesions.

Check with your pharmacist about how to throw out unused drugs.


  • Cubital tunnel syndrome: A form of mononeuropathy due to compression or other injury of the ulnar there at Cilostal elbow.
  • Cilostal procedure section is intended to provide guidance for the insertion and removal of VANTAS.
  • Talk to your doctor to Cilostal a diagnosis and to identify ways to reduce negative symptoms.
  • Since this medication is given by a healthcare professional in a medical setting, an overdose is unlikely to occur.









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