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For Depression

I've tried many antidepressants before, and this seems best and with least side effects. I have been prescribed it along with duloxetine, and this combination seems to be excellent in reducing anxiety and depression to almost zero. I now take 30mg Mirtazapine before bed, and 60mg Duloxetine in the morning. I also take 0.25mg Pramipexole at bedtime to curb the restless legs syndrome and help with libido. This way sex life is not hampered by the Duloxetine. There is initially a period of adjusting to meds, weight gain, but I have so much more energy to exercise so I'm fit now. Well recommended. Starting dose for mirtazapine was 15mg, and for duloxetine 30mg.

General information

Keep mirtazapine away from light and moisture.
Some doctors prescribe mirtazapine or other antidepressants to treat sleep disorders such as insomnia.
Mirtazapine may be taken with or without food.


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  • This is not a complete list of mirtazapine drug interactions.

Other Doses

30 mg, 15 mg
30 mg
7.5 mg
45 mg
15 mg


You can take it with or without food, as desired.
The schedule may be adjusted gradually to achieve an optimal response but should not exceed a total weekly dose of 20 mg.


Drug interactions, side effects, warnings and precautions, dosage, and pregnancy safety information should be reviewed prior to using this medication.
This can lead to nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, agitation, delirium, coma, muscle rigidity, tremor, seizures and sometimes death.
Animals should be monitored for any signs of pain by staff who are familiar with the animals.
In addition, rare cases of severe hepatic reactions, including jaundice, fulminant hepatitis, liver necrosis, and hepatic failure, some of them with fatal outcomes have been reported.


  • In animals studies, pregnant animals were given this medication and had some babies born with problems.
  • Cytokine production by maternal lymphocytes during normal human pregnancy and in unexplained recurrent spontaneous abortion.
  • Regardless, you should tell your doctor if you are pregnant or plan to become pregnant before taking this or any other medication.

Imagine that but stronger, that is what a low dosage of mirtazapine would feel like.

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Voel alsof ik met 40 graden koorts rondloop. Mirtazapine has fewer ADRs than tricyclic antidepressants and is better tolerated. Wel 20 kilo aangekomen in korte tijd.

Mirtazapine was approved by the FDA in 1996. This is because mirtazapine can Norset you sleepy, so it is best allow to take it in the daytime.


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  • You must meet next Norset five of the official criteria from the DSM to be diagnosed with BPD.
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